Wednesday, November 16, 2005

From the Mind of ...

It would be nice to have the imagination of a 5-year-old. I guess we all did at one time, but too much television and too many bills to pay quickly erode your connection to the land of fantasy. Fortunately, some of us have jobs in which we occasionally get to be somewhat creative and can reconnect with our imaginary friends every once in awhile.

As I was sitting in the living room floor trying desperately to recover from my limited time on the old treadmill (but that’s another story all-together), my 5-year-old teenager strutted into the room.

“Da-da,” she said, “I’m a cowgirl.”

I looked at her. A princess crown lined in pink down-like feathers was nestled snuggly in her golden locks. Her small, slender fingers clung tightly to a “magic wand” shaped like a purple star. On her feet were pink Croc-like, aerated sandals and she wore a hot pink/orangish fleece hoody. In fact the only thing she had on that kind of resembled a modern-day cowgirls’ attire were her jeans. Of course they were emblazoned with beaded flower patterns down outer seam of each leg.

She was quite the picture of a Wild West heroine. Of course, no one in their adult mind would ever guess that she was a cowgirl, but that's OK. No adults were allowed to play.

“I’m pretending this is my hat,” she said as she pointed to the crown. “These are my black cowgirl boots and this is my rope.” She twirled the starry wand as she struck a pose that would make any runway model proud.

“I’m pretending.”

I could only watch as she hopped on her stick horse and road off into the sunset.


android156 said...

I know plenty cowgirls who look like that. I know some cowboys like that too but thats another story. just dont tell her bout cow tippin'. And may there be many sunsets.

SpookyRach said...

I think you and I know some of the same people android156. Ha ha!

Glad Pinky is still working that imagination.

jonboy said...

Thanks for dropping by android156. And take my advice and stay away from the cowboys wearing fluffy pink crowns.