Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Testing We Shall Go

I heard from a lady who works at the university that my sister, the probation officer, attended a Rotary luncheon on campus a few weeks ago. My sister of course, is morally and fundamentally opposed to any and all types of social organizations.

So, it made me wonder what she was doing there. Had she been invited? Was she a guest speaker? Did she just crash the party for the food? Or was she there to administer drug tests to all our civic leaders?

“Excuse me high-powered attorney, would you mind peeing in this cup?”


SpookyRach said...


I will have you know that Princess Mindy and I were there soaking up the culture at the most recent art exhibit in the Abraham Gallery.

So there.

Social organizations: opposed
Service organizations: not opposed
Which catagory the Rotary Club falls into: not so sure

Likelyhood of me approaching city leaders with pee cup in hand: Let me just point out that in all the years we did bar raids in this town, not one time were we ever allowed to go to the Country Club. Yeah.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Excuse me....we were on campus for CULTURE! And we were able to get it in 15 minutes and still have lunch!