Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Silly questions ...

I stole this from my sister who said I should do this.

1. List two things that are true of you that are not stereotypically true of members of some group that you belong to.
a. I never sleep past 7 a.m., even on weekends, no matter how late I stay up the night before.
b. I cook the majority of my own meals.

2. List two unusual talents that you have.
a. I can wiggle my eyes back and forth really quickly.
b. I can curl my tongue.

3. List two unusual weaknesses that you have.
a. I have a very strong gag reflex. I get the dry heaves while brushing my teeth.
b. There may be others, but I’m not going to tip off my mortal enemies in fear that they may use the information against me.

4. List two unusual things that you aspire to.
a. I want to write a book.
b. … apparently I have very low aspirations for myself …

5. List two words that you use more than most people do.
a. I don’t use any words more than other people. No catch phrases, no identifying statements. Some people think I am rather quiet and don’t talk much at all. They apparently just haven’t found the right topic to get me motivated.
b. …………….

6. List two foods that you dislike and most other people like
a. onions
b. more onions

7. List two strange habits that you have
a. I am not a habitual person … or I’m habitually not a person; something like that
b. I tend to fabricate the nature of my unorthodox behavior.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said... and your sister are so much alike to be adopted! *snickers*

I have NEVER know you to be quiet.

mommyfranklin said...

Nice list!
I may swipe it. The family hasn't been real inspiring lately.

By the way -- Happy Birthday!

Patti said...

Jonboy! I don't like onions either!

SpookyRach said...

Y'all should totally see the eye-wiggle thing. It is toooo FREAKY. (I didn't know about the toothbrush heaves. That's just od. You are so weird.)

PPB said...

I'm with you on the gag reflex ANd the tongue curling! (and I don't care if spooky says it's odd)