Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Time to Play

I got a new toy.

This was a completely unnecessary purchase on the part of my wife and I. I didn't really need a new toy, but living life as a male in West Texas meant that something was seriously lacking if I didn't own a truck.

I had a small truck a few years ago, but we outgrew Lao Che (the Isuzu) and traded it in for a more family friendly Jeep Liberty. Since then, the urge to own a truck has been ever present. This weekend we ran across a pretty good deal.

Meet, Shaggy! Shaggy is a 1986 Ford F150 XLT Supercab with a V8 and only 56,000 original miles (as verified by a mechanic who said there was no way this engine has 100,000 miles on it.) I bought it from a co-worker, who bought it from the original owner. For nearly 20 years this truck was just driven to work and back.
As with most of us over time, there are a few cosmetic issues that need to be ironed out. I had the motors for the electric windows replaced yesterday, and if you'll look closely at the windshield, you will see a piece of duct tape holding the bracket for the new rear view mirror in place. (Have I ever mentioned that you can do anything with duct tape?)

Shaggy didn't officially get named until Monday afternoon. We had the truck for three days and I thought we were going to call him Mater, a name which my daughter really liked, but after sleeping on it, the offspring decided we would be better off naming the newest family member Shaggy. Afterall, our other vehicles are named The Mystery Machine and Scooby. So ... Shaggy it is.
And now I can truly say that I am living the American Dream -- three automobiles in the garage and only two licensed drivers. What more could a guy ask for?


SplineGuy said...

So, now that you've got a truck you think you can park wherever you want?

SpookyRach said...


'member Shag Garrett? He used to drive a truck like that. Are you gonna start chewin' tobacco and spitting in an orange juice can?

Just wondered.

Patti said...

Congrats! Have fun!

mommyfranklin said...

You got all three in garage? This I have got to see!

When are you going to come haul off all the stuff in our alley? It won't go away by itself, no matter how much we hope it will!


Carolanne said...

Now that's the kind of truck I imagine all Texans drive so thanks for living up to my expectations/stereotypes. There should be more people like you in America... in my imagination there is. :)
Hope it gives you many hours of truckin' enjoyment. :)

Paul said...

Cool car! And I like the fact that you give your cars names. They do have their own character, don't you think?