Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gaming with grace

My sister told me the other day that I’m getting old. She always says that. Of course, she is nearly two years older than I am, so what does that make her … obsolete?

The latest episode that brought this on is admittedly a sign of aging, however, and is somewhat embarrassing. Not embarrassing in the sense that I suddenly discovered the need for adult diapers while giving an address to a crowded room at a donor banquet, but still embarrassing by other lesser standards.

It seems as though a certain affinity for video games has followed me into my adult years. And so, a couple of years ago, my wife bought me a Playstation 2 for my birthday. I bought a few games that I enjoyed messing around with … a couple of auto racing games, golf and things like that. But I decided recently that I wanted a good “butt-kicking” game. So with a gift card I received for Christmas, I purchased a Star Wars game. It’s pretty cool … or so I think although I haven’t yet gotten past the training portion of the game. You can play as certain battle soldiers or Jedi masters.

However, the graphics are designed as such that you have to run all over the place looking around you in every direction. The reason I haven’t surpassed the training stage just yet and the cause of my sister’s accusation is that the constant movement gives me motion sickness.

I can’t play the game for very long without feeling queasy and unwell. And for some reason my sister says that means I’m old.

… I’ll bet she wouldn’t say that if she could see me playing my video games while sitting entirely too close to the TV in my wife's small antique rocking chair.


Anonymous said...

You poor baby! I swear your sister has warped your personality like she is Katie's!!! Ha-ha!!!


SpookyRach said...

He used to be a lot more warped, before he gave up and decided he was old, old, old.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You get dizzy because of the game?? Oh good lord!!

You have always seemed older than your sister.

jonboy said...

No ... I do not get dizzy. I get motion sickness.

scotte said...

okay i will show my age. I was trying to play my kids Halo3 the other day and had the same problem.
The boys went to the start menu and changed the orientation to campaign and it fixed it.
Try changing your orientation or view.
hope that works

jonboy said...

Thanks Scotte, I'll give that a try.