Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I’ve had some interesting conversations lately. As our country tries to decide which person will be the best leader for the next four years, I find it interesting to get the take of people who aren’t from our country. Working at an institution of higher learning, I am privy to many international students.

I have spoken with three international students lately on the subject of who they would vote for if they were allowed to vote in our elections. They are a male Venezuelan, male South African and female Latvian. Granted I only got three responses, but the responses were quite interesting.

The Venezuelan simply said, “Anybody but Chavez” … in reference to his country’s political climate. Apparently the constituents don’t really like the regime in charge.

The other two, whom I asked on different days in different places with them nowhere near each other both said: “I definitely would not vote for Hillary.” Their reason was the same also. Neither one of them think she is trustworthy.

I have to admit, this is exactly the way I feel about Mrs. Ex-president, but it was really interesting to hear that from a couple of International students around 21 and 22 years old.

… and for the record, to all those weirdos who are clamoring for an Obama/Clinton ticket, do you really think that Clinton would ever accept the position as vice president? She would do everything in her power to be the main figurehead and would probably do whatever she could to alienate Obama within the party and to sabotage him at every turn in order to advance her own political agenda. She has no desire to be vice president. She has already been vice president. And she is way too narcissistic to accept second-place to a junior senator.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if she would take it or not---and vice presidents really have very little power, but I think it's a politically strategic move that Obama should seriously consider making. That way if she says no, it's her not him splitting the party. And I think he'd pick up a lot of votes taht way.

Of course I'm not sure why we even have vice presidents other than to get more people to vote for president. they barely ever get to do anything and spend a lot of their time hiding in basements.