Friday, September 23, 2005

All about Me-Me

My first solicited me-me … I feel so cyber-chic. How’s that for a neologistic “C” word M. Hibou? Did you know spell checker doesn’t even recognize neologistic?

Anyway, back to me … me

Five things I will do before I die:
1. Write a book. Unlike my sister who simply wants to have something published, I get published every day, but quite frankly, it’s not that impressive. However, I know I can write a book worth publishing because I’ve read my fair share of books that weren’t worth publishing. I just need the right idea.
2. Build a castle. To do so, I need to be moderately wealthy. Therefore, I should really get started on my book writing career.
3. Watch the women’s basketball program at the school at which I work win a national title. Preferably within the next few years before the current coach finds a better job and before current players move on. However, I have no control over this, so it falls into more of a “wish” category than a “will do” category. No pressure guys (err ... girls.)
4. See the church move away from its current business structure and become more of a … well … church, dedicated to touching lives one person at a time.
5. Break 90 on the golf course. I’m playing later today, maybe this will be my lucky day.

Five things I say most often:
1. “I apologize”
2. “No” – I have a 5-year-old daughter.
3. “You’d get more work done if you spent less time on the phone.”
4. “You should quit smoking, it’s bad for my health.”
5. “It’s George Bush’s fault.” I’m technically jumping on this band wagon. It seems people are blaming W for everything these days so I thought I would see if it works for me. My washing machine started leaking the other day. I blamed the Pres. I’m still waiting for the FEMA money to repair the damage.

Five things I cannot do:
1. Learn to like onions.
2. Dunk a basketball. (Once upon a glorious past ….. )
3. Keep the ball in bounds on the par-5 12th at the local golf course. I nearly took out the back windshield of a Ford Explorer that was driving by a few weeks ago. I can’t break 90, but I can break windshields.
4. Figure out why guys think it’s cool to wear their pants down around their knees. I would like to meet the first girl who told some guy that was attractive. Then again, maybe I don’t want to meet that girl. Or maybe it wasn’t a girl …
5. Watch CNN longer than 3 minutes without wanting to throw something at the completely incompetent reporters who sensationalize and editorialize everything from head colds to Armageddon.

Five things that attract me to other people:
1. A truly genuine Christian spirit. Not the ones who just give lip-service to Christianity, but the people who live it day-in and day-out in everything they do. I admire and envy those people who are few and far between.
2. A somewhat warped sense of humor.
3. The ability to laugh at oneself.
4. Similar interests
5. The ability to see the bigger picture and accept the fact that other people have different opinions and different ideas, even though they are wrong. :)

Five celebrity crushes: I must say I’m not really one to worship celebrities. It would be easier for me to think of five people I’ve known throughout the years that I have had a crush on. However, in the spirit of the game …
1. Winona Ryder
2. Marisa Tomei
3. Sandra Bullock
4. Christina Ricci
5. Carrie Fisher (those buns – in her hair – were really cool)

Five people I want to see do this me-me:
I honestly don’t know five bloggers who haven’t already done this.


SpookyRach said...

The whole golf thing - it so, well, Republican. Makes me want to wash my hands. A lot.

You do have a rather respectable list of celebrity crushes, however. (Katie keeps wanting me to do Princess Leia hair for her. So far I have resisted. But the force is strong with this one...)

little david said...

OK, really, I am not hurt that you didn't ask me to do a me-me, even though I haven't been asked by anyone else. Really. Don't even think about it.

Jackson said...

Leave it to the Democrat to make negative comments about golf. She only made that comment because she can not play. As far as the celebs, you are stepping on my toes bro, Sandra Bullock is mine. Now on to the book issue, you need something interesting to write about first, dont know too many people that wish to read about the adventures of a crotchity University PR worker.

Christmas Lights in June, Texas said...

OMG I laughed so hard at this. This is PrincessofEverythings kid Baby Gator, you know we camp together frequently. I just wanted you to know how funny I think your blog is!!!

jonboy said...

Thanks for dropping by, Gator. Glad you enjoyed it.

SplineGuy said...

Just out of curiosity, was it your lucky day?

SpookyRach said...

Opie - you should really stay away from golf-playing math professors. They may well be the anti-Christ.

I'm just sayin'...

Ha ha!

jonboy said...

No, Splineguy, it wasn't my lucky day. In fact, -- and this is for Spooky's benefit -- the local shrink and I quit after nine holes because things were going rather poorly, and he wanted to earn some brownie points with his wife, anyway.