Thursday, October 27, 2005

No football, no problem

2nd grade teacher recently left a comment on one of my posts saying they don’t play football in her neck of the woods. Instead they play soccer and lacrosse. That’s a little hard to swallow for a West Texas boy. Around here, if you don’t play football, you don’t play anything.

Things are different in our neighbor states. Soccer is big in New Mexico and in rural Oklahoma (eastern Oklahoma) baseball is the big thing. They play fall and spring baseball.

Of course, I work at a university that doesn’t have a football team. We used to … the fighting Jackrabbits. But that was a long time ago. We recently tried soccer. We fielded a women’s soccer team for three years before giving it the boot – or should I say giving it the cleat.

Oh well, basketball (scrimmage) starts tonight, so I’m happy.

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Jackson said...

You know, anyplace that does not play football, must be just plain outright evil. If you watched the movie History of World Part I, you saw that Moses was given 15 commandments but dropped a tablet so we were given only 10. I think "Thou shall play football" had to have been one of the rules on the broken tablet. I think there may be a conspiracy here, quick someone call Dan Brown.