Friday, October 07, 2005

Sissa and the Band

It’s somewhat of a ritual.

On the days I take Rae to kindergarten we always have to listen carefully as we leave the house. You see, the high school band practices just a few blocks away from our house and when more than 300 horn blowers are doing their thing, the sound easily travels the short distance.

As the melodic sounds of the warm-up scale drift our way Rae quickly points out that we have to drive by the band on our way to school.

This particular morning was a chilly one, but we still lower the windows and listen as we drive that way.

“Are they wearing coats?” Rae asks.

“I bet some of them are,” I respond.

“Do you think T--- is wearing her coat?”

“I don’t know. But I bet she is.”

T--- is the younger sister of E---- (see previous posts). Rae adores both of them and I can’t say that I blame her because they are both good kids.

As we slowly drive by the band's practice lot, Rae listens intently. Just before we lose sight of the band Rae sticks are hand out the window and waves.

“What are you doing,” I ask.

Rae grins. “Waving and T---.”

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